Intensive Day Treatment Centers


Our Intensive Day Treatment Program provides comprehensive and intensive services to young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. LEAPS will utilize empirically supported behavioral intervention strategies as the primary mode of treatment. The philosophy of the program is rooted in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.


Our primary goal is to build an initial foundation for supporting continuity of ongoing care. The program will focus on detailed assessment of learning needs; building learning readiness skills and independence; and providing family/caregiver support and education.


Children attend the program for 12 weeks. Our program requires a minimum commitment of 12-15 hours per week, typically 3 hours each day. Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions are offered. The program is offered at our Tacoma, Oak Harbor, Bremerton and Spokane locations.


Speech Therapy is provided weekly to support progress towards communication goals.

Parent Training sessions promote generalization of skills are required per insurance regulations. The number of hours will be dependent on your BCBA’s recommendation based on assessment information.