Home-based therapy allows our therapists to provide treatment in everyday situations. Behaviors are often most effectively addressed in the environment in which they most often occur. Home-based therapy provides a great way to teach skills that children struggle with at home. Performing therapy services in the home also offers a known and comfortable environment.

Learning Centers

Learning Center services are delivered 1:1 with a trained behavior interventionist at an intensity of 15 hours per week. Initial and ongoing assessment allows our staff to identify and address current needs as they relate to communication, social skills, self-help skills, and problem behavior. AST Learning Centers resemble typical school environments with areas designated for group activities, play centers, and table based instruction.


Center-based therapy allows our therapists to perform ABA in a structured environment: one of our specialized centers. It provides each child with a structured environment in which he or she learns a variety of important skills. When a child is about to enter school, this approach can help him or her adjust to the routine of going to a set location to learn.


LEAPS offers behavioral support and guidance to assist with generalization of skills to the community. Community based programming enables children to participate in family activities in their natural environment. This may include going to the park, trips to the grocery store, or anywhere else life takes you.

Parent Training

Our team-based approach focuses on assisting parents to build the skills needed to respond to behavior challenges. We provide training on ABA strategies that can be used at home and in the community. Ongoing parental support and collaboration ensures we are providing a supportive environment for each child and receiving a clear and comprehensive portrait of each child’s needs throughout growth and development.

Social Skill Groups

To facilitate positive social behaviors, LEAPS offers year-round social skills programs designed to provide an engaging curriculum for each child’s individual needs while being delivered in a group or individual setting. Individual therapy uses language games, pretend and imaginary play, problem solving, video and role-playing to improvise social scenarios in a safe, fun environment. This therapy often transitions into group therapy. Our social skills groups are carefully screened to match by social and emotional skills, age, children’s interests, and availability. In group therapy, children interact spontaneously in a structured environment with careful coaching to address socially significant skills with peers. Our social skills program ranges from toddler-age to adolescents.

Speech/Language Therapy

Our Speech Language Pathologists provide evaluations, resources, and individual and group therapies to children in need of a helping hand as they learn to communicate. They work with children and their families using a mix of play based and traditional speech and language therapies, specifically designed to best meet the needs of each individual child as they build functional communication skills in a meaningful manner. Therapies may include the use of Picture Exchange Communication Symbols, Sign Language, and other alternative communication systems that facilitate the development of articulation and language. We provide speech therapy services to children of all ages with various delays or disorders.

teleABA Services

teleABA offers your family an effective alternative to in-person services by providing ABA therapy via computer, tablet or smartphone. Through a secure and easy virtual meeting, your BCBA can provide direct therapy and parent consultation remotely – helping your child learn new skills, avoid regression, and continue to make great strides in their progress.


We are available to provide training and consultation to each child’s school team. Our therapists are also available to provide 1:1 assistance at school to assist each child in following classroom routinesLEAPS is available to provide training and consultation to your child’s school team. Our supervisors can review your IEP’s and participate in IEP team meetings. Behavior Technicians are available to provide 1:1 assistance at school to assist your child in following classroom routines and behavior management. Supervisors actively consult with non-school support staff such as private speech therapists, occupational therapists, and medical/behavioral providers to enhance coordination of care.We are available to provide training and consultation to each child’s school team. Our therapists are also available to provide 1:1 assistance at school to assist each child in following classroom routines