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Autism Therapy Center | Washington

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L.E.A.P.S. and Beyond, Inc. (LEAPS) is an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services company dedicated to enabling individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disability disorders to live their lives to the fullest and reach their maximum potential. Our behavioral and educational service delivery model is thorough and research-based.

We use the principals of ABA to design treatment plans around the individual’s needs while maintaining the compassion and respect each child requires.

Our primary focus is to increase individual achievement in the areas of academic, adaptive, social, and communication skills. LEAPS believes in the advancement of positive behavior support practices and hopes to share these principles with families and communities to ensure our children play an active role in society.

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Military Families


LEAPS is proud to service existing and relocating active duty and retired military families through the TRICARE program. If you have a son or daughter with autism, we can help ensure that your child receives comprehensive ABA services. Our intense services can make a dramatic impact on how your child develops and succeeds in the world.

LEAPS recognizes the unique challenges military families encounter though deployments, duty station changes, and limited family support systems. LEAPS will support you and your family while providing consistent and effective intervention to your child. We work collaboratively with your EFMP Coordinator, PCM, school districts and other intervention providers to ensure we provide the most comprehensive programs with the highest level of care.

Intensive Day Treatment Centers


Our Intensive Day Treatment Program provides comprehensive and intensive services to young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. LEAPS will utilize empirically supported behavioral intervention strategies as the primary mode of treatment. The philosophy of the program is rooted in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.


Our primary goal is to build an initial foundation for supporting continuity of ongoing care. The program will focus on detailed assessment of learning needs; building learning readiness skills and independence; and providing family/caregiver support and education.


Children attend the program for 12 weeks. Our program requires a minimum commitment of 12-15 hours per week, typically 3 hours each day. Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions are offered. The program is offered at our Tacoma, Oak Harbor, Bremerton and Spokane locations.


Speech Therapy is provided weekly to support progress towards communication goals.

Parent Training sessions promote generalization of skills are required per insurance regulations. The number of hours will be dependent on your BCBA’s recommendation based on assessment information.

LEAPS Latest News & Updates

Diagnosis – What Happens Next?

What should parents expect after their child receives a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and obtains a referral for ABA services? Read our a blog for a summary of Applied Behavior Analysis, the assessment process, and examples of common treatment goals.

ABC’s of ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is well documented as an effective treatment for individuals with autism. For parents and professionals new to ABA, acronyms and technical terminology may seem foreign. Read our blog for a list of the most commonly used acronyms in ABA.

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  • Regence
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